Here are the 4 best ways to clean your Cernucci jewellery:

1) Before you wear

Keeping your Cernucci jewellery clean and shiny starts before you wear it for the day/night. Aftershaves and creams contain chemicals that can tarnish your jewellery. We advise applying your aftershave 2 minutes before wearing your jewellery, which gives it time to settle.

2) Wipe down your pieces after every wear

Get into the habit of cleaning your jewellery by gently wiping it down after every wear. We advise using a cotton ball or a soft cloth.

3) Deeper clean with soap and warm water

Every couple of weeks or month, you should give your most-worn jewellery a deeper clean. Being gentle is key and use basic soap with warm water. Soak your pieces in the solution for a couple of minutes to loosen up any dirt and residue, and then carefully wipe them down with a soft cloth to restore shine.

4) Storage

Individually wrap and store your jewellery in Cernucci's pouch or box. This will keep everything safely separated.